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Get equipped with backpacks & rucksacks

When it comes to finding an easy and stylish way to carry your essentials with you, nothing beats these adidas backpacks & rucksacks. A wide range of styles, shapes and colourways are here to suit all types of people and types of applications, from early morning trips to the gym to city-slicking days in the freshest streetwear ensemble. Made to the highest of standards and to perform in all conditions, they feature a number of innovations to make it easier than ever before to have everything you need at hand.

The best they can be

Whether it’s a daily essential for school or work, or simply an accessory for when necessary, these backpacks & rucksacks won’t let you down. Made from robust materials, they are resistant to the elements and are sure to keep your belongings safe when stowed away. Inside, a number of compartments help you organise all your gear to make life easier while outside pockets are ideal for those essentials that you might need to access in a flash. Many of these bags feature padded shoulder straps which ensure you aren’t aching after using while the hiking and outdoors backpacks use ventilation to prevent overheating and discomfort during tough hikes. With backpacks & rucksacks from adidas, you are ready for anything.

A stylish companion

Backpacks & rucksacks are essential items for many, so make sure you are equipped with a bag that’s not only up to the job but which will also add to your look. This collection features a number of styles, from the sleek and sporty to the statement-making and on-trend, and allows you to take a pick from a huge range of colours and prints. Once you’ve found the bag with the features you need and the look you’re going for, your new daily companion will have your back.

Backpacks Frequently Asked Questions

The name ‘backpack’ speaks for itself; the name ‘rucksack’ comes from German (translating literally as ‘back sack’) – so essentially the same thing. Over time, the word ‘rucksack’ has a military overtone and is often used to describe bigger hiking-style packs.
There’s no one answer to this question because there are so many different types of backpacks and uses for them. adidas has a variety of well-made packs for commute, travel and everyday use. Look at many bags to compare styles and features and find one that suits your needs.
The best ones for travelling are light, water resistant and comfortable when carried for a long time. Look for accessible pockets for passports and keys and comfortable padded shoulder straps.