Phone Cases


Sporty phone cases to protect your mobile device

Even your phone can show your sporty, athletic side when you choose a case that features the 3-Stripes design or Trefoil logo. Choose a case in your favourite colours or to match your favourite adidas footwear and tracksuit. Phone cases from adidas are moulded to snap securely onto your mobile, offering it a layer of protection in case of drops or bumps. These adidas phone cases have cutouts that fit around ports, buttons, and camera lenses to allow the devices to operate freely. These sports phone cases are moulded from materials that provide cushioning layers plus firm protective layers.

Access to ports and docking compatibility

Some details to look for in these phone cases include access to ports and compatibility with charging docks. These adidas phone cases come in styles for various models of phones, and each case is made to fit perfectly on a specific model. That ensures that these sports phone cases deliver access to everything you need to operate your mobile phone. Some styles also have an edge that’s raised to help protect the screen from getting scratched and a bezel integrated into the camera cut out so images don’t get distorted when the camera flashes.

The layers of protection

Each phone case from adidas is created with protection in mind. These adidas phone cases may feature a polycarbonate backplate or edge trim that provides a firm, shell-like layer. These sports phone cases may also have a softer TPU layer that absorbs impacts and provides a cushioning effect for your phone. If your phone has a place to attach a wrist strap, the compatible adidas phone case also has an opening so you’re able to attach the strap with no interference from the case. This makes it easy to carry your phone when you’re enjoying high-intensity activities.

Phone Cases Frequently Asked Questions

For no-hassle charging and great protection it is worth investing in a good-quality phone case. The adidas range offers a selection of soft TPU options which protect against drops as well as harder polycarbonate cases. They also feature a raised edge to help prevent bumps and scratches to the screen.
It is always worth protecting your phone with a case. adidas mobile covers have features to save your screen from cracks and scratches, and the phone itself from bumps and scuffs. However, it is always a good idea to use a screen protector too for an added layer of protection.
A hard phone case offers extra protection from the elements, so if you’re venturing out into the heat or the cold you may want to consider this style of phone case. Softer TPU cases from adidas are wireless charging compatible and feature a raised edge to protect your screen.