What emails will I receive regarding my order?

Last updated: 17.06.20
Typically, you'll receive the following emails in regards to your order:
  • Order confirmation email to acknowledge we have successfully received your order.
  • Shipping email containing your Track & Trace code.
  • Order delivered email to confirm the parcel has been delivered.

In the case of a return, the following emails will be sent for your assurance:
  • Confirmation email when the carrier has collected your return parcel.
  • Confirmation email once we have received your return at our warehouse and the refund has been authorised.

Upon cancelling your order, we'll send you a cancellation confirmation email to confirm your order has been cancelled.

In cases where you ordered a customised product there will be two additional emails that you will receive:
  • Confirmation email to inform you that we started creating your item for you.
  • Confirmation email that the order has been shipped from the factory to Europe.

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