If I missed the delivery of my package can I book a redelivery?

Last updated: 07.10.20
Where's my package now?

Did you miss the delivery man? Your package might:  
  • Get delivered tomorrow. Most carriers come back the following day trying it another time. Discover the next delivery attempt online with your track and trace number. Or contact the carrier to schedule a new delivery date and time.  
  • Be waiting for you at a collection point nearby. If so, you'll find a notification card in your postbox. Make sure you bring an ID-card along with your notification card when you want to pick it up. Your package will be kept there for 7 days before it will be sent back to adidas.  
What happens when there’s an address mistake or the name on the door is different?
When you’ve made a small address mistake (such as a missing house number), DHL will deliver your package at a pick-up point near you. The same goes for when the name on your package doesn’t match the door nameplate. If this happens to your order, DHL will email you when and where you can pick it up. Don’t forget to bring your ID.

Haven't you received a notification card from your carrier? Check the track and trace number or contact the carrier.

Never miss another delivery Here's a tip for your next delivery.
Keep an eye out for the track & trace email from the carrier and use their service to redirect or reschedule your delivery. Most of the carriers offer you the options to adjust the delivery date, redirect your package to a collection point or to drop it off at your neighbour's.

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Where is my order?

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