How to return orders with Klarna?

Last updated: 15.06.20
You'd like to order using Klarna but aren't sure about how the returns process works? Or have you already ordered with Klarna and want to know how the payment process works when you're returning something?

If you have already paid your order and return items to us, then you don't have to do anything else. Klarna will refund the amount for your returned items within 3-5 business days.  

If you haven't paid your order yet, you can follow the steps below to pause your payment:
You have to pay your adidas orders within 14 days.

For that reason we'd recommend to register your return on the Klarna website . Open your order on the Klarna website and click on 'Register a return'. You will then be asked about the quantity of items you want to return. Your payment will be paused until the return process is complete. Klarna will then proceed to inform you about your new invoice amount.

Should Klarna send you a payment reminder despite your return process not having been completed yet, please contact the Klarna customer service team directly.

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Where is my order?

Log in or use the Guest Tracker to quickly track your order, start a return, cancel items, and check the status of a refund.

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