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Enjoy sky-high confidence on the court in a pair of badminton shoes from adidas. Our modern and classic designs feature layered mesh uppers that wrap comfortably around your feet for a secure, locked-down feel that lets you lunge and turn confidently on the court. Badminton shoes with supportive side panels double up the stability. Non-marking grippy rubber outsoles keep you sure-footed and focused on your win. With badminton shoes for men, women and children our extensive range means everyone can enjoy cushioned midsoles for explosive jumps and comfort that lasts the whole three games of your match. Pick out a pair with classic T-toe construction or opt for a modern trainer shape – you'll find a lightweight pair of shoes for badminton to match your game and your style.

Badminton Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The best type of shoes for badminton will offer stability and protection with multi-directional grip that keeps you safe while you play. Lightweight, breathable styles will keep you comfortable so you can play at your best.
A pair of proper badminton shoes is a vital part of kit when you play – both to keep you safe from slips and falls and to improve your performance. adidas footwear offer the traction, stability and cushioning to deal with play on a hard court.
It isn’t recommended as normal shoes will not have the low profile needed to keep you stable and safe on the court. Similarly, the way you twist and turn on a badminton court demands the kind of multi-directional grip that features in the adidas badminton shoe range.